Kristi Vimberg

Good teamwork, mutual effort towards the same aim and supporting each other is extremely important for me. So it is possible to achieve amazing and qualitative results, they inspire and fill the energy batteries.

Work experience – I have had different roles in different educational establishments and youth work – youth works, teacher, counselor, teacher training management, leader. Over 15 years, I have organised trainings and trained people. Trainings have been carried out for smaller groups (around 15 people) as well as to larger groups (around 200 people). As a trainer, I prefer practical courses, active learning methods and reflections.

Education – Educational Sciences, social pedagogics, people studies, Estonian educational system, University of Tartu (BA 4+2); Educational Management, Tallinn University (MA), International Coaching Skills Certificate
Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) Certificate

Nele Pilman

Including all the members of the organisation and interest groups in the creation of the whole is important for understanding the same values and principles.

Work experience – I have worked as a teacher, councellor and a leader in educational system for fifteen years. Every role has come with knowing the legislature well and making sure those necessary documents must be compiled from a particular need, which support organisation’s activities. I have created new documents as well as I have updated the ones in use according to the changes of legislation and changing needs of the organisations. I have organised trainings and conferences as a trainer and organiser. Every participant is a value – including all the partners is a vital principle while organising as well as while training.

Education – Social Work, Child Protection as a minor (BA), Social Pedagogy and Child Protection (MA); Tallinn University

Hobbies – with a big family time must be found for yourself so your the thoughts could sink in. Taking care of our pets, running and cycling are well fitted for that. As a novice gardener, I learn something new every day, I make mistakes but always start again, enjoying the process as well as the result.