March Course 2022

It was plesure to hold another European training course on Estonian educational best practices. This time we had educators from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain and Portugal. Trust, freedom and autonomy of teachers and students, student-centred mind-set were the topics covered and will be taken along to implement in their organisations. room with comfortable zones, sport and healthy lifestyle promotion, focus on student and teacher`s wellbeing (coaching, supervision, mentorship).
Some feedback from our participants -
  • It was a very ambitious programa for 35 hours.
  • Congratulations! It was amazing.
  • Congratulations for your work
  • The course fulfilled my expectations. Trainers are aware of their programs and always took in account the trainees goals.
  • I would strongly recommend. I will arrange meetings to present the most relevant findings and the effective way in which this course was developed. 
  • It is a great opportunity to learn about a new education system and methodologies to apply in our school.

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Feedback from March 2020

Summary of the feedback from the last training course ā€“ there was a questionnaire for it and in the last row the participants could add comments:

  • It was a dream.
  • The course has exceeded my expectations.
  • I would recommend this course because we learned a lot about different subjects.
  • The training were professional and friendly.
  • I would recommend the training because it initiates to think about the education systems, to reflect about the own work and to find visions & ideas.
  • The training was great and well organized and structured.
  • I have also to thank you for the opportunity given to me and for all knowledge.
  • The course surpass the expectations.
  • A very, very, very good training. I grow up with it! Thank you very much!
  • Congratulations!!! I love it.
  • I am going to report all the knowledge and good practices visualized to my colleagues.
  • Thank you for investing so much effort and thought when planning this week.

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